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Manufacturing Company

China Manufacturing Company RegistrationIf you wish to manufacture products in China, you must register your company as a China Manufacturing Company, also called a manufacturing WFOE. In some instances, the government may provide incentives and tax breaks for foreign manufacturing companies. The rules and regulations for manufacturing companies are complicated. Hence, to get started, professional guidance is recommended.  Manufacturing in ChinaChina is the world’s largest manufacturer, and its labour costs are still low relative to that of most western countries.  Hence, it is an ideal location to manufacture products that require a high labor component or to produce things on a vast scale.  However, as a newcomer, it’s all too easy to overlook vital details when eager manufacturers promise you the earth. How to set up a factory in China Setting up a company in China does not necessarily mean that you can engage in any type of business activity. In China, WFOEs can only operate within the business scope approved by the authorities. Business operations other than those allowed by your WOFE’s license are subject to further approval by the authorities. Hence, it is vital to determine early what is your business scope. EASYINSHANGHAI can help you establish a Manufacturing WFOE. The unique feature of a WFOE is that the entity is 100% owned, capitalized, and operated by foreign investors without a local partner. A WFOE allows you to maintain greater control over your business operations, and revenue targets. In addition, it allows you to conduct business in China on your own without the need of a local partner. A WFOE is the favorable choice for an overseas company that wants to permanently incorporate into mainland China. The exact delay necessary for the registration of a Manufacturing WFOE depends on several factors. Send us information about your business scope and we may provide more detailed information.