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Business scopes

The scope of business-oriented enterprises

Trading category:

1, cultural office supplies (paper products)
2, packaging materials
3, Crafts (craft gifts, gold and silver jewelry)
4, chemical raw materials and products
5, Department Stores (daily necessities, clothing apparel, leather products, cleaning materials, photography, camera equipment, toys, equipment and appliances impression)
6, Hardware(bicycles, wire rope, valves, pipe fittings, bearings, wire and cable, switches, sockets)
7, Electronics Products
8, communication equipment
9, instrumentation
10, electrical and mechanical equipment and accessories (power tools, refrigeration equipment, compressors and accessories, the amount of cutting tool)
11, machinery and equipment and accessories
12, Rubber products (rubber, plastic products)
13, building materials (metal materials, steel, cement, stone, wood)
14, decoration materials
15, hotel equipment
16, office furniture, household items

Technology category:

Computer software and hardware, network systems, electronic products, electrical and mechanical equipment, electrical, ship control equipment, motor vehicles (repair, sales), communications equipment, automation control equipment, mechanical equipment, laser equipment, environmental protection equipment, intelligent buildings in areas such as technology development, technology transfer, technical consulting, technology services

Service category:

Computer graphic design, corporate image planning, exhibition services, business services, market research, photography services (except Minilab), translation services, cleaning services, domestic service, wedding etiquette Services, costume design, restaurant consulting

Advisory category:

Business consulting, tourism consulting, financial advisory, investment advisory, investment management consulting, enterprise management consulting, business marketing consulting

Installation and maintenance category:

Electrical equipment installation, the installation of refrigeration equipment, water and electricity installation, electrical and mechanical equipment installation, network wiring, installation of computer repair, etc.

Other services:

Interior decorating, green engineering, environmental art and design, culture and the arts communicate the planning, public relations activities, organizations, planning

Advertisement category:

Design, production, agent, release both at home and abroad, such as various types of ads (Agent, publishing) company-specific ads