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Shanghai sets out blueprint to be industrial internet hub

Shanghai releases a three-year blueprint for its industrial internet sector on July 13 in the hope of developing itself into a national role model of industrial internet. 

Shanghai released a three-year blueprint for its industrial internet sector on July 13 in the hope of developing itself into a national demonstration base for the industrial internet.

The Industrial internet is a result of the integration of new-generation information technology and the manufacturing industry. It is seen as key to a country’s manufacturing industry development, as the use of hi-tech technology becomes more and more pivotal in the daily operations of companies in the field.

Shanghai authorities also consider it plays a significant role in the city’s strategy of building up its “Made in Shanghai” brand.

The new blueprint lays out the city’s goals, major tasks, and supporting measures for its industrial internet development.

The city will promote the use of new internet technology such as fifth generation mobile networks (5G) and Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) in local companies, industrial parks, and its surrounding areas.

Around five professional agencies focusing on the R&D for the safety of industrial control systems are expected to be built to ensure the security of industrial information.

Innovations in industries such as electronic information, equipment manufacturing, automobile, steel, chemical engineering, aerospace, and bio-medicine will be encouraged.

It will help small- and medium-sized manufacturing companies to improve their internet infrastructure in order to lower their costs and improve work efficiency.

Special funds for the development of the industrial internet will also be made available by local authorities. 

Additionally, regional and international cooperation will be encouraged, and the establishment of a federation to unite forces in the industrial internet sector in the Yangtze River Delta region is planned.

Training bases and an expert committee are expected to be constructed to nurture more professionals.

Projects, industrial parks, and factories that stand out in industrial internet innovation will be selected to be model examples as part of Shanghai’s plan to be a demonstration base.

So far, Shanghai has already made great strides in its industrial internet development. Songjiang district was approved as China’s first industrial internet demonstration base in February. The district will strive to develop industrial internet-based smart manufacturing through the construction of smart factories, digital workshops, and smart logistics centers.

The city also built a partnership with the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology last December to unite forces to boost its industrial internet.

It collaborated with the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology to launch a national industrial internet innovation center in November 2016 to contribute to the R&D of the sector.Previous:Shanghai unveils measures to further expand opening up
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